Chocoholics Start Packing

Chocoholics Start Packing

Just off the bustling boulevard Saint Germain des Prés in the heart of the Left Bank is a tiny street, Cour de Commerce Saint André, that describes itself as the place that made the French Revolution. Here’s where Dr. Gillotin perfected his device that launched Robespierre’s Reign of Terror. Famous revolutionary Danton (who later fell under Dr. Gillotin’s blade, as did Robespierre) lived down the street. Today, at 2-6-8 Cour De Commerce, on the very spot where Marat (later murdered in his bath by Charlotte Corday) printed and distributed the revolutionary letters of Danton and his friends, another kind of revaluation is taking place – an irresistible one for all lovers of chocolate.

When Perrine, manager of “Un Dimanche à Paris” greets you with “Welcome to Paradise,” she’s right. What better way to describe the world’s only (as far as we know) concept story that celebrates chocolate in all its deliciously decadent forms. We’re not talking here about just another sweet shop; this is what chocolate connoisseurs could only dream of until now – a restaurant that offers chocolate- spiced meals from start to finish ( you may choose to leave out the cocoa if you wish – but who’d want to?), the upstairs lounge where tea, and hot chocolate, naturally, are served daily, and brunch on Sundays, when most eating establishments in Paris are closed.

There’s also a glass walled kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare their delights on site (no trucking in here). Anyone who can leave without taking home a selection of treats from the retail shop should have their pulse checked.

4-6-8 Cour de Commerce Saint André, 6e

Saint Germain des Prés

Metro: Odéon

Te: 01-56-81-18-18


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2 responses to “Chocoholics Start Packing

  1. Very nice place… Yummy !… I wonder if their “macarons” are as delicious as Laduree’s ones 🙂

    • Thursday afternoon

      Dear dear Olivier:

      What fun to have your comments only a moment after I posted the blog. It’s the first thing I’ve done for IKALP in months because I’ve been feeling depressed that something is blocking me from making updates on the App administration page. I’ll try to get it straightened out when I get back to San Francisco but until then, I’m frustrated. Anyway, I can still make blogs and, with your guidance, should do more videos — that is the most fun of all.

      I tried the pistachio macarons and they were at least as good as the ones at Laduree. Mal drank the hot chocolate and pronounced it “delicious” along with some “Madagaster” chocolates that are the shop’s best seller. Mal bought two boxes to take home to friends.

      Love!! T

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