What is I Know a Little Place

What could be more luxurious than having your own personal guide in the world’s great cities to take you shopping to all those out of the way places only insiders know and dont usually reveal? It’s here, in I Know A Little Place where instead of only one guide you have the best picks of many experts. I Know A Little Place asks both local residents and international experts to open their personal black books and give you their own special shopping destinations – the ones they recommend to friends looking for a perfect item and a memorable experience.

I Know A Little Place has over 400 entries in categories covering: Accessories, Antiques, Art Galleries, Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, Beauty&Health, Books, Music, Electronics, Children’s Items, Convenience Stores, Department Stores, Museum Shops, Epicurean Delights, Flowers, Pet Boutiques, Home Items, Paperies, Arts & Crafts, Office Supplies, Sports & Outdoors.

I Know a Little Place allows you to search for shops by category but also through specific neighborhoods. Each shop’s page will show you:
• Name of shop and its color-coded category
• A “Go There” button to take you to a color-coded pin on the map marking the location
• Description of the shops special features
• Street address and arrondissement
• Telephone number – you can dial directly
• Closest Metro, Tube, or Subway Station
• Direction from nearest station to shop
• Street view of shop or neighborhood when available
• A blue dot indicting your own location

At a glance, this unique I Know A Little Place shopping guide gives you a visual overview of the best each city has to offer, consolidated from the recommendations of our many insider sources and presented in user-friendly format.

You can buy the first “I Know a Little Place” Application on Paris by clicking here

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